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We purchase rural, real property as inexpensively as possible and re-sell it, passing the savings on to you.

Simply put, we are a land wholesaler.

We buy and sell multiple parcels per week. We have sold over 15,000 properties since 1999 (1,100+ in 2013 alone).

We sell most properties for cash and then direct deed. (We provide instructions and any special forms needed for recording.) Some properties are sold through escrow and some are sold as term sales. Many of our repeat customers are “Terms Sellers”; meaning they pay cash for property from us and re-sell it to their customers as seller financing (for example: $197 down and $97 per month for several years).

And we love what we do. We take pride in the trust we have established in this business and strive to make sure every customer has a great experience!

Here is an example of a deed package you would receive if you purchased a property here at LandStay.com

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